Regaining your intuition and eating inspired is the secret sauce to Fat-loss and anti-aging at Mid-life!

The Inspired Meal

What's inside?

A system that will help you eat healthy without dieting.  A balanced way of eating to slow down aging and ignite your metabolism. 

Your guide comes in a PDF, easy to read and follow on any device!

"I can’t believe I’m actually enjoying my meals and how easy it’s becoming. It’s amazing how satisfy I feel after a balanced meal. I have never felt this before with food. 

Thanks Carmen for teaching this family a balanced meal can be appeasing."

Veronica Lopez

"Her story is an inspiration, and she always hits the nail on the head when coaching me. I could not have asked for a better well-rounded person in the field of fitness, health and wellness than her. Thank you, Carmen. I am loving our journey."

Mariam Sargent

"Never in my wildest dreams did I EVER think that I would learn to enjoy foods without counting macros or without the guilt, but I have in as little as a few weeks. 8 years of habit turned around with Carmen’s guidance in just a few weeks!"

Parveen Kaith

Hormones control your body.  How you eat will determine how your hormones work in your body.  

Strict diets lead to hormonal distruption and that leads to illness.  By eating balanced and regaining your bodies intuition, you can start creating internal balance that creates more ENERGY, better METABOLISM, improved MENTAL CLARITY and overall HAPPINESS!

Ignite your ENERGY!  Start becoming a fat-burner instead of a fat-storer!

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